How important you think education is for success

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Lakme 9 to 5 primer+ matte lipstick- MR10 RED REBEL Review and swatches

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so today i am giving you a review about lakme lipstick which i ordered from #mynykaa .

as we all know a girl can never have enough lipsticks! but still they just love to buy more and more . i have so many colours in my lipstick collection but still never get bored from buying more shades from different brands.

lakme 9 to 5 primer + matte lipstick in the shade MR10 Red Rebel is my recenty favourite . its in red orangish shade . read more to check out my full review and swatches.

this lipstick is just awesome long stay, and really give creamy matte texture to lips.

lipstick is extremely pigmented and provided opaque colour in a single provides a matte finish on our lips.

its not sticky to the lips and also transfers a little if you eat or drink anything, but ya it does not fade from the lips properly.

well shade range of this collection is very pretty, ranging from light shade colours such as nude colours to bright colours such as red , prink colours.

i picked the shade MR10 RED REBEL because its perfect for every day as its in shade red+orange so it makes the face more attractive as well as pretty . suits with all dresses as well.

this shades goes in western looks as well as in ethnic looks . if we talk about skin tone then it suits in every skin tone, doesn’t matter your colour is in fair tone or dark tone , its all about how you carry the shade with your accessories as well as dress.

overall the lipstick is perfect and it range between 350-500 on #mynykaa according to sale prices. so you can check it out.

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All about weekends

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So today i decide to share about my day when i am totally free and having nothing to do ,as no college, no meetings etc.

So today topic is about how i utilize my day when i am at home with nothing to do.

In my weekends i usually walk up at 9am and after doing breakfast i make a to do list that what i have to do in whole day.

Most of the time my to-do-list contains

  • My morning starts with my blog contents posts.
  • After that i do oiling in my hairs,special massage which makes my hairs bright and smooth after bath .
  • For my face i believe on himalaya face wash, scrub as well as mask.(i will make a separate post on it )
  • And after that i do my table clean, and all clean all the mess of in closet as well as in room.
  • My third task is spending time with my family.
  • Before going out i go for hair bath .
  • At evening if its possible then i go out for so shoot for shopping or otherwise spend time while watching youtube or television.
  • At night nothing special just sleep at 11 pm.
  • Before sleep i prefer doing face wash as it gives our face feel light.

That’s all what is usually do …

And best part of weekends is spending time with family…

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