How to keep cool in summer day

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Am back with new blog post on very useful topic – “how to keep cool in hot day”

It’s very important to be hydrated even in hot weather but most of us get effected by such a hot weather.

So today am going to share my routine that how i take care of myself to be hydrated all time whether am at home or outside in hot day .

When i am at home

When i am at home my routine is more hectic than when i go outside.

I follow below routine….

  • In morning i wake around 8 and then after bath i took breakfast around 10 or 11 .. but ya i never miss bed coffee .. or nornal water 😅 .
  • After that i do some blog work and also work on YouTube for new posts.
  • After lunch i take some nap or just lay on bed for sometime .
  • In evening after snacks i get some time for myself such as skin care etc .
  • After Dinner i go for walk and then sleep.

This is my general routine but what i do here to be hydrated…..???.

  1. In morning when i wake up i drink water max 1 or 2 according to your habit and need. Sometimes i skip it with coffee but you should not do this .
  2. While making some content i always prefer juicy fruits or juice to drink. I keeps me hydrated.
  3. When i go for nap in noon i apply some masks on my face to same time as well as it gives my face so relaxation. Hydration is important inside as well as outside so mask will help to be hydrated from outside.
  4. All from above drink more and more water with regular intervals of time .
  5. Also don’t forgot to eat salad after each meal .

When i have to go out

I always carry water bottle from home instead of buying from outside.

And carry fruits in my bag instead of lunch ( veggie + chapatis)

I drink mix juice as well as pomegranate juice to feel fresh .

And i carry sunscreen with my to save my face from tan .

Thats all i usually do to keep hydrated

If you have some routine which is helpful for you all so just share it with me i will post it on my insta with your name …

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Summer wardrobe essentials for girls part 1

Hi family

So today am going to share a new topic on summer wardrobe essentials for girls.So here are few items ..

  • So lets start with the tops . I prefer light coloured and loose basic tops in summers.

Coloured tops like the neon colour is my favourite in these days .

Top -off the shoulder chicness

From #romwe_fashion

Search -451047

And more over try plazos instead of denims in summers..

Plazo from – #shein_in

Search- 710826

These cool stripes plazo can work with both western plain tops as well as ethnic plain kurtas . And these are really very cool and gives a unique look .

Or you can try some loose pants ot light colours such as

White is my favourite in summers .it goes with all colours .

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Aloe vera benefits

We all know about aloe vera gel and today I will share one remedy based on this.

It can make you much more beautiful. To do this you will need just 3 ingredients that are easily available in home and if you do not have any, you can easily buy them from nearest grocery store

You will need

Lemon + Aloe vera gel + Almond oil

  • Take a lemon, cut it in 2 halves and remove seeds
  • Now in a clean bowl take 7-8 drops of lemon juice
  • In this add half spoon of aloe vera gel
  • Add 5-6 drops of sweet almond oil and mix it well
  • First wash your face with luke warm water and pat it dry
  • Now take half part of lemon and rub it gently on your skin for 10 minutes
  • Again wash your face with luke warm water and pat dry
  • Apply this paste on your and leave it overnight
  • Wash your face next morning
  • As we are using lemon juice here, it is better to do this activity in night time only

7 steps to remove negativity from our life

Hello my family

Today topic is very interesting  , in our daily life we are so busy in our work that we always ignore ourselves .

To feel positive  , to make other feel  positive towards you , only you can make a change by removing negative energy from your life.

Did you ever realize  when you are in a group and someone came and speak wrong about others , that person emits negative rays and at the same way if the person speaks something good that it emits positive rays and spread positivity everywhere .

So this topic is all about this.

Here am going to share some tips which you can implement in your life to remove negativity from your life.

  1. Speak politely and don’t lie with anyone , if you feel someone with negative waves and try to harm your not physically but mentally ,that my dear it’s the high time to save yourself . Don’t be with someone who just speak shit about others and all time speak rudely about others. Guys its quiet simple, people are double faced .if anyone can speak shit about anyone else in front of you than no doubt that person can also speak about you too. So just be safe from such kind of people.
  2. Set your priority , there are so much work to do on our daily basis but if you set your priority then it saves your time as well as you will be able to complete your most important tasks on time .
  3. Be careful about who you choose to be around , Priorities not only in case of things ,works but also in case of people . there are so many people who become your really very good ones, but reality is they are double faced and they make you looser from inside and you will not come to know the real fact. So overcome yourself with the reality and recognize the real friends of your life.
  4. Stop complaining and do something about it, if you spend your time with people who act rather than sit around and complain about their situation all day, you’re going to become an action taker too. Because the truth is you don’t accomplish anything by sitting around and complaining except feeding your own ego.
  5. Fill your life with positivity and joy, doesn’t matter how much trouble you are facing , no doubt its very difficult to face troubles but if instead of leaving negative thoughts ,you be strong and start thinking positive thoughts ,then you can overcome negative thoughts .
  6. Learn to be comfortable with silence , that gives you more energy and positive thinking . you can think in really a good way .
    1. Gratitude , be thankful for the things the universe has brought your way rather than preserving negative thoughts, unhappiness or confusion.

Differnt Ways to carry a dress

#1dressmanyways #fashionblogger #fashion #style.

Blogger life is always a busy life .. there are so many things to be done on time and moreover the maintenance of content on Instagram or any other social site is the one and most difficult task

So there is always a big struggle to make new content by posting pictures and creating some DIY etc .

Being a blogger i know it very well.

When i wake up in the morning the first thing strike on my mind is

  • What will i post on my Instagram , what will i post on my blog id, what will be my new topic on YouTube etc etc.

With the lot of confusions i come up with some thoughts and post all the content according to plan .

I also use to make weekly plan or monthly plan about postings as well as blog content but sometimes i fail to keep them on time and then the struggle starts when on the same day i have to search for the perfect picture and content.

Well as i told you tommorow that today i will reveal the truth behind my yesterday shoot so here is the shoot truth .

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