Festival season … what to wear how to wear….


Now a days  big issue on festivals is that how to get ready with nornal clothes or with some heavy party wear clothes….

Its almost everygirl headache what to wear how to wear …..

Most of time we feel why this festival came so early i have nthg to wear and so on….

So girls i have some tips for u all i know… may be am not perfect at this but am just sharing mine all views may be you all like it

  • Guys dont shop for present only …. try match out outfit with atleast 2-4 dresses for example if u want to buy a kurta just go for it but buy something plain which can go with many things like you can wore a plain kurta with plazo

    I bought this red kurta from ajio.com its plain kurta it can go with many bottoms….

    You can wore this type of plain kurta with denim also just wore heavy earings with it you can also wore neck choker with it.

You can wore this kurta with shorts and with long skirt also 😍

  • Thinking of buying bottom?

    Go for black colour as black colour guys with almost all colours buy black jeggings it goes with every colour top and very comfortable to wear

These jeggings are from shein.in

Very comfortable and under budget

Right now sale is also going on shein.in

so go and check for discounts

  • You can wore Jeggings with kurta also like in parties or in festival function when u also have to work and you are not comfortable in wearing heavy clothes like lehnga saree and so on ..then just go for kurta and jegging.. it look cool not nornal and not so high

Now a days plazo are in heavy trend so go for black or multicoloured plazo which can go for many coloured tops

Most interesting thing i feel about plazo is we can wore it with kurta as well as top so it goes with ethnic clothing as well western so cool

Last but not least thinking of buying a skirt go for red, pink,brown colour

Skirts go with kurta as well as tops so its also ethnic as well as western

Multicoloured skirt is also a nice option.❤

Shop something which can go with causal look also it will save money as well as your wardrobe space .😊

Thanks for reading 😎😊

How to… dress for a festival without looking like you’ve tried too hard


Am back again with a new topic…

Festival season is about to come actually its already started 🤣 so today am gonna show some outfits which you can carry at indoors +outdoors as well ☺

So mine first outfit look is quite simple its yellow ethnic top lower– you can carry it with denim , plazo pant, or with long skirt accessories-you can carry long multicoloured earing and some hand bangles to look cool footwear-carry plain simple punjabi juti which looks good with denim as well so you can carry it with suits as well as denim makeup-i use very less makeup mainly kajal ,liner , mascara ,lipstick thats it but as its a festival look so you can add little makeup on it as you can use foundation, blusher ,eye shadow etc to look special

remind one thing dont use overmakeup try to be simple

Mine second look is pretty cool i carry golden skirt with top .actually golden skirt goes with almost all colours so you can carry any coloured top with it

Accessories- carry long earings and hand bangle avoid wearing necklace

Footwear– carry heels it will give you cool look

Makeup– use light makeup with dark lipstick and eyeshadow

Black love😎


To begin with, black has class. It’s the best color. This is no other color that is better than black. There are many other colors that are appropriate and happy but those colors belong on flowers.

It is a mind color. It is intangible. It is practical.

You never get tired of black. It looks elegant and simple and modern even though it can be made up of so many different fabrics and styles. You are always finding new ways to wear black.

People will never stop making comments about your choice of wardrobe as if you should feel weird or bad because you don’t dress the same way they do. They just need a hobby.

My best-loved colour is black. I never got bore wearing black.Looking chic is no easy task. You need to have so many things going your way in an outfit to look your best. Right?

What if we tell you there’s a shortcut to looking chic and cool without sweating.

Yes, it’s the age old timeless outfit formal that’ll always work no matter the season, occasion or your style preferences.

The beauty of all black outfit lies in the simplicity of the concept. It’s so simple that it’s a no-brainer.

Every major fashion blogger we know is wearing all black outfit formula on the street. And this street style trend is here to stay for long.

We’ve rounded up all black outfit looks from these amazing street style star. Get inspired and freshen up your wardrobe with your favourite black pieces.

#fashion #clothing & society

There is much scholarly debate over fashion and clothing and their importance within present day society.k

Fashion and clothing can be defined as many things that hold our society together. Fashion can be defined as a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette and socialising, or the conventional usage in dress and manners, whereas clothing is defined as garments collectively or something that covers.

If fashion and clothing were abolished there would be no room for individuality, the world’s population would be uniform. There also would be a loss of the distinctions between social classes, which was most predominant in the 18th century but is still present today. However fashion being abolished would have little impact on tribal

Clothing can be a way for different gender’s to relate to one another, through a common item of clothing such as jeans.

‘Jeans are the most student like piece of clothing that the students wear, they symbolise casualness, comfort, recreation, sociability and youth’.

This suggests that clothing especially jeans, can be a way to bring people together in the same class or gender; and also to bring people of different gender’s together by being a cross gender item of clothing,

jeans are mostly the same for males and females. Clothing has the influence on social structure of bringing both genders closer together through items of clothing. Clothing being abolished would create a social barrier between the two genders, they would not have a common element or common item of clothing to relate to, and be separated both socially and physically. Clothing can be a way to break away from uniformity; it can also be used to create uniformity.


“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.”

Those were the words of kalam.

and his advice to the younger generation. He wanted all of us to dream ….. A better life and future.

Because he understood the importance of dreaming….and he wasn’t talking about the dreams you have while you sleep…

A different kind of dreams..

that i wanna talk a bit today.


You might be wondering how dreaming is related to success..

success doesn’t happen just because you want it . You need to see it happening.

Again and again…


The adage is that seeing a believing…


It’s so true

everyday you need to take time to see visualize your success.


  • Yourself being a successfull bussiness person.

  • The growth of your dreams

  • The growth of your list

  • Becoming an authority in your niche

And you also have to visualise

  • How your life is changing with the success
  • The freedom you can get
  • The vacations you can affort
  • How your wishes can come true

have a clear vision of what success looks like…

The more you visualise the success…

the more you’ll be motivated..



Own identity

Your identity is not in people. your identity is not in what people think

of you. Nor is it in what people say about you. You are not defined by what people say you are.
Your identity is god. Your identity is in who he says you are. In who he designed you to be. Your’re defined by what he thinksof you,by what he says about you. Your’re defined by who he says you are. He says that you are the child of the most high king. He says you are his beloved and he says you beyond measure. He designed you for good. In you he is well pleased. He doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t have regrets. He made you to be the way you are on purpose for a purpose. For his purpose.

Quote: God is like oxygen you can’t see him,

But you can’t live without him.


Time is precious for everyone .Time is more valuable than money. … But, we don’t look at our time the same way, and end up wasting this incredibly valuable resource. In fact, time is much more valuable than money because we can use your time to make money, but we can’t use money to purchase more time.It never stops,waits for anyone . Whether the person is rich or poor time is same for both.

There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you’d better learn the sound of it. Otherwise you’ll never understand what it’s saying.

Time management is very essential for us. When we were watching youtube ,using internet the time just flew away within some hours

So i use to follow some rules which make my time managed

Quick Tips for Efficient Time Management

  • Prepare a to-do list.
  • Finish the important tasks first.
  • Concentrate solely on the task at hand.
  • Learn to say ‘no’
  • Keep your phone aside as you begin your work.
  • Sleep for 7-8 hours a day.
  • Have a healthy diet.
  • Exercise regularly

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.

Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life.

A new experience

Hello everyone this is mine second post Or a new experience. As this is mine second post so everything is clear that am new this field today i saw so many video study famous bloggers strategies etc so basically what i come to know is life is very easy but difficult thing is to live the life in good manner.

  • Everyone is just running towards sucess but what i taught is don’t run towards success just do what make u feel comfortable and just do your best one day u will become succesfull.

A new day 1


Yesterday i experienced  first photoshoot of my life or you can say a first step towards my dreams… my dreams are really big but m sure one day i will fight with all failures and finally win one day.

Beginning of the day was not good actually we were late due to misunderstanding in location we decide to cover our shoot between 9am to 11am but we reach there at 10:30 so we shoot only 2 outfits there till 11am and back up i shoot with my new frnd to whom i meet first time she is very good by nature and really passionate.

Something new gonna start
Beginning of new friendship

After backup we went to cafe coffee day sunny enclave we talk to each other order coffee and had a good time together . We share our thoughts our experiences with each other and after 1 hour we done with our meeting nd come back to our homes

I believe every new person u meet there is always a goodreason decided by the god for our bright future so i feel it’s a new beginning of my career lets hope for the best…..

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