Nykaa Matte To Last! Mini Liquid Lipstick Review and swatches

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so today i am giving you a review about Nykaa Matte To Last! Mini Liquid Lipstick which i ordered from #mynykaa .

as we all know a girl can never have enough lipsticks! but still they just love to buy more and more . i have so many colours in my lipstick collection but still never get bored from buying more shades from different brands. So last week I order 2 Mini Liquid Lipstick Matte To Last from #mynykaa

Nykaa Matte To Last! Mini Liquid Lipstick – Bombae 01
Click on the link to buy this shade
Nykaa Matte To Last! Mini Liquid Lipstick – Gul 17
click on the link to buy this shade

Some great features Nykaa Matte To Last! Mini Liquid Lipstick have:

  • Superior All Day Matte Formula
  • Lightweight & Non drying
  • Enriched With Vitamin E
  • No Transfer

Well the most important part of this lipstick is long stay, and No Transfer. And currently these are my favourite not only because of shades but also due to its features. Its non sticky to the lips and also non transfer. Well shade range of this collection is very pretty, ranging from light shade colors such as nude colors to bright colors such as red , pink colors.

I picked the shade ‘Bombae 01‘ and ‘Gul 17‘ because its perfect for every day as its in shade Nude(‘Bombae 01‘) and pinkish shade(Gul 17‘) so it makes the face more attractive as well as pretty and suits with all dresses as well.

For the daily office look this ‘Bombae 01‘ nude shade looks so perfect , even I also use this shade for my daily office routine.

and I use this ‘Gul 17‘ shade when I want some change in my looks. well let me tell you this shade is not so dark, it looks so perfect as its light on lips. I will say its perfect girlish lipstick and gives a sweet cool look.

Well am sharing some links also, so you can go and check more shades with perfect range.

Explore the entire range of Liquid Lipstick available on Nykaa. Shop more Nykaa Cosmetics products here.You can browse through the complete world of Nykaa Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick .
Alternatively, you can also find many more products from the Nykaa Matte To Last! Mini Liquid Lipstick range.

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