A day in my life

i always wonder if someday i got something to full my loneliness how will I feel . the journey of mine from childhood to adult is not straightforward but still I endure . don’t ask me how , I don’t know how to explain . I learn we should keep our pain with ourselves , when we share sometimes it gives as relief but mostly more regrets of sharing and I will not make that mistake .

Am here as I wanna share a day of my life in loneliness …… Don’t judge me when I say its not real but a part of my feeling .

from deep inside me

A girl with full of dreams , multitasker , and sensitive is in search of happiness ,peace feels alone in this whole world . when she open her eyes and see wide ocean in front of her and behind crowd of known people ,she feels like nobody is there for her . she loves watching ocean waves ,clear sky and also crowd behind her of happy people . but somewhere deep inside her heart she is waiting for someone . and you know the funny part ….. she don’t know who’s she is waiting for .

she has everything in her life loving parents , little brother sister and also a loving bf but still she feels this loneliness . don’t call me crazy when I know it sounds crazy .

May be the day I full my loneliness will be the day of my happiness. when I feel peace in me.

story to be continued………

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