7 steps to remove negativity from our life

Hello my family

Today topic is very interesting  , in our daily life we are so busy in our work that we always ignore ourselves .

To feel positive  , to make other feel  positive towards you , only you can make a change by removing negative energy from your life.

Did you ever realize  when you are in a group and someone came and speak wrong about others , that person emits negative rays and at the same way if the person speaks something good that it emits positive rays and spread positivity everywhere .

So this topic is all about this.

Here am going to share some tips which you can implement in your life to remove negativity from your life.

  1. Speak politely and don’t lie with anyone , if you feel someone with negative waves and try to harm your not physically but mentally ,that my dear it’s the high time to save yourself . Don’t be with someone who just speak shit about others and all time speak rudely about others. Guys its quiet simple, people are double faced .if anyone can speak shit about anyone else in front of you than no doubt that person can also speak about you too. So just be safe from such kind of people.
  2. Set your priority , there are so much work to do on our daily basis but if you set your priority then it saves your time as well as you will be able to complete your most important tasks on time .
  3. Be careful about who you choose to be around , Priorities not only in case of things ,works but also in case of people . there are so many people who become your really very good ones, but reality is they are double faced and they make you looser from inside and you will not come to know the real fact. So overcome yourself with the reality and recognize the real friends of your life.
  4. Stop complaining and do something about it, if you spend your time with people who act rather than sit around and complain about their situation all day, you’re going to become an action taker too. Because the truth is you don’t accomplish anything by sitting around and complaining except feeding your own ego.
  5. Fill your life with positivity and joy, doesn’t matter how much trouble you are facing , no doubt its very difficult to face troubles but if instead of leaving negative thoughts ,you be strong and start thinking positive thoughts ,then you can overcome negative thoughts .
  6. Learn to be comfortable with silence , that gives you more energy and positive thinking . you can think in really a good way .
    1. Gratitude , be thankful for the things the universe has brought your way rather than preserving negative thoughts, unhappiness or confusion.

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