All about weekends

Hello everyone

Hows you all..

I hope you all are doing well..

So today i decide to share about my day when i am totally free and having nothing to do ,as no college, no meetings etc.

So today topic is about how i utilize my day when i am at home with nothing to do.

In my weekends i usually walk up at 9am and after doing breakfast i make a to do list that what i have to do in whole day.

Most of the time my to-do-list contains

  • My morning starts with my blog contents posts.
  • After that i do oiling in my hairs,special massage which makes my hairs bright and smooth after bath .
  • For my face i believe on himalaya face wash, scrub as well as mask.(i will make a separate post on it )
  • And after that i do my table clean, and all clean all the mess of in closet as well as in room.
  • My third task is spending time with my family.
  • Before going out i go for hair bath .
  • At evening if its possible then i go out for so shoot for shopping or otherwise spend time while watching youtube or television.
  • At night nothing special just sleep at 11 pm.
  • Before sleep i prefer doing face wash as it gives our face feel light.

That’s all what is usually do …

And best part of weekends is spending time with family…

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