Summer care series 2

hey guys

how are you all??

first of all Thank you for following me and also thank you to whose who leave nice comments..

i hope you all enjoy my posts..

have an amazing day..

so as you all know summer heat is on the top ..

so i am here with new summer care series ….

and second series is on topic”skin care routine

and who did not seen my first series on topic“summer health care” please go and check my previous posts

Besides health problems excess exposure to the sun also damages the skin my ways..

it causes inflammations, sunburns,acne, age,spots,dryness and many more skin issues.

dryness?? yes in summers we can see dryness of frequent bath, long in conditioning rooms, excess sweat etc

these 6 steps routine will help you in getting the glowing skin.

i recommended following these steps during nights…

because all day long, the skin gets exposed to sun rays and dust particles .

  1. cleansing
  2. toning
  3. exfoliation
  4. face masks
  5. eye cream
  6. moisturizer

thank you for reading my posts.

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