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How are you all??

Its about a week that i didn’t post anything …

I just disappeared from social sites because of my college tests ..

And now am back with a fresh content …

First of all thankyou guys for following me !

I hope you ll enjoy my posts!

Have an amazing day!

First of all, thanks to everyone who reads my blog and thanks to those of you who leave nice comments.

So lets come back to the today topic “my morning routine”

Well before i tell you about mine morning routine i want to share about that how a perfect morning routine should be for a perfect day …


  • Open the blinds and make your bed
  • wash your face
  • make coffee
  • write down your to do list
  • 15 minutes of yoga
  • get ready
  • start checking items off your to do list.

The Smart morning routine for working girls and boys.

it involves 3-4 steps ….

  • control something – it could be making bed , it could be organizing your desk..
  • prime the body– simple yoga routine takes just few minutes and starts the process of connecting the body with the mind.
  • add some caffeine– one cup of coffee… it gives you energy..
  • make to do list– make all day routine ..

mine morning routine

Most of the time i wake up at 5 am or At 7 am .

My morning starts with a cup of coffee…

A little walk and then i freshen up my self by watching t.v..

And then i check my to do list which i usually make day before at night.

After that i go and get ready for college

And during weekend i usually wake up at 7 am or 9 am .

And usually on weekends i prefer doing extra work or writing blog posts…

Watching movies.. listening music … chatting with friends… spending time with family is my best time …


This is all about my today post..

Please let me know do you like my post or not..

Share reviews..

That gives me more motivation to be regular and post new content…

Thank you for giving time to read my posts..

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