3 lessons of life

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This is mine written challenge post no. 13 on topic ” 3 lesson you i want my followersa and my children to learn from me ”

If i tell my story to anyone, no one is going to learn anything from it .


Now days people are use to get hurt and then learn something

But i can only hope that after reading this post my readers apply it in their lifes to make their life tension free.

  • Never treat others as nothing, never disrespect him or her by saying rude comments and commenting on her or him looks and standard of living.

As us others also feel bad if we make fun of them . There are so many people who took wrong steps only because others make fun of them .

  • Dont trust anyone blindly

Everyone in this world is fake except family.

Teenagers easily got attract and trust others


Most of them broke their heart


They trust wrong person , the person who just want to play with his or her feelings.

Make friends but never make close friends .

Because everyone dumbs you at the point when they don’t need you anymore .

  • Set goals in your life.

Make targets to complete goals. If you want to achieve something good in your life.

Never find other mistakes always just try to correct it .

The day when you follow these basis rules your life become very smooth .

I really want to thank all of you for the overwhelming response on my previous blog post, if you haven’t read it yet, here is the link . Please read it once


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