Reality of Love (confession)

♥️Love…what is love?bf 💑gf relation?a physical 💏relationship?gifts 💝surprises????? Well if u think this is love so my dear your are totally wrong🤭…. love is a pure…divine…. blessed🙏 ..feeling .In this world🌍 nthg is pure then this♥️
Love is not only between a couple its between every one ….everyone means😋 between mom🤱 child , bro 👫sis, dad 👨👦child, between 👭friends,ya ofcourse between a couple 💑also… in my life love is my family👨👩👧👦 i dont believe in true love between a couple….i don’t know why but this is true …..♥️true love is very rare no one can love you as your parents do ….as your friends 🙋♀️treat you no one can beat them….. love as we dream💭 is only in our dreams🙄 ….. i always dream for a real💘 love like we see in movies or series… but the fact is this is not reality…. so what is reality?? Reality is … love is family👨👩👧👦 a true pure love without any condition and expectations….may be in my life search of true love never ends but hope is the thing which always keep you live and happy… m not saying love between couples who are reading this article is fake 😁 m just doing my confession that what i feel about love and what is love in my life☺ my mom and bro are my jaan i love them the most…. and i love nature 🌍 the feeling of love comes from nature…guys keep your surroundings cleans … treat every place as our own keep them clean…. from nature i mean open sky🌈…a fresh wind…light ⛅sunshine…huge🌊 amount of water and a good♥️ company actually if company is not available lonely ness 🧚♀️also works 😁… this kind of love ( nature)give me relaxation from stress , burden …many of my friends use wrong methods to keep stress away which is totally wrong … if blind faith in anyone disturbed your life then why you doing the same thing to yourself …. we all have only 1 life just live it with happiness and enjoy every moment…… and ya never say bye to anyone just say take care… ♥️

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