Life reality

Life is full of adventures…..if there is no adventure than there will be no excitement in the life…which means sad moments also plays important role in everyone life… ya sometimes we lost all our hopes but guess what in everyone life there is always a person who make you feel happy when u are sad ..may be the person is not same all times that means someone is there to help you always …that is god…who give u troubles and also strength to solve them ….am the person who needs all time someone to support me guide me but when i trust in God i dont need anyone to be with me … god is not outside or in any religious place its inside us …yes inside us…trust in yourself god will do always best for you …. may be for present is not good but in future it will give you peace ♥️… most of time i feel sad but somewhere in my heart i know everything will be all right one day….m not negative but ya m scared due to my past experience …which was not good but ya time keep changing now m in new phase of my life …. new chapter is about to start and i hope for the best….

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