Jewellery selection

Hello guys

I hope u like mine previous blog post …..

So as i discussed in yesterday post also festival season is on every girl is in trouble that how to choose jewellery…..

what type of jewellery suits on what type of clothes ….. and what about hairstyle😵 what will you do with that😐 ….

This is the first question which arrives in our mind ryt?

So here i have some solutions for you ❤

Open hairs goes with almost all type of clothes but if u wearing top full neck then go for some hairstyle which gives you fabulous look..

If u are wearing full neck top then go for layered necklaces

For off shoulder top go for close to neckline round necklace…

It will give awesome look❤

For hairs go for straight open hairs …..

For scoop neck go for stiff round shaped necklace and for hairstyle go for curly hairs for any bun which suits on you most…

For narrow v shaped tops go for chokers they look so cool and goes with curly 👌

For high neckcrop top go for rani haar🤩 every girl favourite isn’t?🤣❤ .. for hairs go for any type of bun …. .

So these are some options i hope you like my views thanks for reading …

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